intro 080The National Water Policy Dialogue in Ukraine was held on November 28, 2017 in Kyiv and it was of great importance for the stakeholders. 92 representatives of different national authorities — ministries, agencies and services, as well as different stakeholders — academia, water experts, operators and NGOs took part in the dialogue.

The strategic partners of NPD in Ukraine are UNECE and OECD, NPD is supported and funded by project “EU Water Initiative +”. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources is a leading party of the national dialogue on water policy of Ukraine, which was relaunched in Ukraine the second time in 2017 year after 5 years interruption of NPD process in Ukraine. The first NPD in March 2017 has formulated the NPD agenda issues, and now at the second NPD meeting the first draft products and results were presented and discussed by the NPD participants.

The main topics of the NPD agenda were:

  1. governance reforms in the water sector, incl. i) reforms of water management, water usage control and protection of water resources and ii) river basins management plans, reforms of the state water monitoring system in Ukraine;
  2. problems of drinking water and sanitation i) in the context of the Protocol on Water and Health and ii) discussing problems of sanitation and wastewater treatment;
  3. Problems of water and agriculture in the context of the implementation of the EU Nitrate Directive.

The agenda of dialogue was busy with different presentations on the defined topics and participants had the opportunity to get information about outcomes of various working groups, projects and expert teams on these issues, but there was very limited time for dialogue. Therefore, all participants received homework and bunch of draft analytical and technical documents for detailed review and comments sending to the appropriate structures of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the expert group for processing.

It should be recognized that now Ukraine has an important task to implement the key principles of sustainable management of water recourses: the integrated management principles and the river basin approach. These principles must be properly implemented, based on the political will, EU water framework and experience of the EU Member countries, which Ukraine has taken as a model and basis. Although we have certain timelines of fulfilling homework for Water European Integration, today an important and urgent task is the dissemination of knowledge and the working on a common vision of the water development perspective for Ukraine and developing a common understanding among at least the key players-stakeholders — what we strive to achieve in the water sector. During the dialogue, participants have heard about the Strategy “Water for Development of Territories”, about water as an interconnector, which role is to link and ensure the development of all other sectors of the society & human life and nature; about the participation and responsibility of all stakeholders for the proper and efficient management of water resources; about the importance of reforming water monitoring — as the basis for assessing the state and management of water resources, which should be in line with European approaches; about the first results of the baseline analysis in 2015 for 20 target areas of the Protocol about Water and Health (Ukraine’s a Party to the Protocol since 2003) and future steps on the development of the sewage and wastewater treatment sector; about tasks and measures to overcome the nitrate pollution of water resources, which caused by agricultural activity. Many questions were arose to speakers, related to the concept of the proposed reforms, their implementation, in particular, to structural reforms in the industry and to the reforms of state monitoring.

There is a hope that the declared openness and transparency of the dialogue will be a real basis for the next discussion, which is scheduled in May 2018. Now the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has provided an opportunity for all, whom its concern, to get access and to get familiar with the materials, draft policy papers and tech documents on its website. For additional information and presentations of the dialogue, please, contact A. Tsvietkova, UNENGO MAMA-86 — secretariat of the NPD This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..