intro 085Already 25 years on March 22, the world celebrates the International Water Day initiated by the UN General Assembly what was declared in resolution № А/RES/47/193 "World Day for Water". The purpose of this day is to carry on infoactions to attract the attention of society to the problems of water resources, the need for their protection, sustainable use and provision of drinking water of appropriate quality.

On March 22, 2018, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Nature for Water" was held in Kyiv, dedicated to this year's theme of the World Water Day. The conference was organized by the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation (IWPaLR) of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine with the support of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) of Ukraine.

The conference gathered 113 participants, including representatives of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (chairperson of the subcommittee on pricing and development of foreign economic activity in the agro-industrial complex, Khlan’ S. V.); national authorities: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services, National Security and Defense Council, State Agency of Water Resources, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center (UHMC), Central Geophysical Observatory (CGO) named after B. Sreznevsky; Embassy of France (assistant of the agricultural counsellor, Stepura L. O.), Research Institutes, Universities, Non-governmental organizations.

This event was opened by the greetings of TOP (Conference program is here), who did introduction on water problems and created the working atmosphere of the event. The plenary session was opened by Dr. M.I. Romashchenko, Director of the IWPaLR/member of GWP-Ukraine. He presented the topic: "Water challenges for Ukraine under climate change" and talked about the important role of ecosystems in the water resources management in context of this year's theme of the World Water Day. The actual status and problems of water resources of Ukraine were presented by plenary session speakers: "Sustainable water use is an important factor  of socio-economic development" by Khvesyk M. A., Director of the PI «IEESD of the NAS of Ukraine», "Assessment of the efficiency of water management using  the OECD’s water governance principles and SDG 6 indicators" by Demydenko A. O., Senior Researcher of the IPMMS/member of GWP-Ukraine); "The role of the soil cover in the formation of stable agroecosystems" (Yatsuk I. P., General Director of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona”); "Climate Change and its impacts on agriculture of Ukraine" (Adamenko T. I., Head of the Agrometeorology Department of UHMC); "Increase of the minimum of the rivers’ flow in Dnipro river basin in the late XX – early XXIth centuries" (Kosovets O. O., Director of the CGO named after B. Sreznevsky). The most active discussion was on climate change and its impacts on status of water resources. Conference participants expressed concern to hold solo event dedicated to this topic.

Particular attention was paid to the water resources of our capital, it was noted that additionally to numerous small rivers and lakes Kyiv has the largest number of sandy beaches in Europe. The participants of the conference discussed in detail the goals and targets of the Water Strategy of Kyiv for 2018-2025, plans of measures to improve the status of Kyiv water bodies and the next steps. Vyshnevskyi V. I, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor of the IWPaLR, and Borysova O. V., Deputy General Director on Environmental Issues of the CE "Pleso" presented these issues.

Also during the plenary session the presentation "University hydrology in Ukraine – history, status and perspectives" was made by Khilchevskyi V. K., Head of Department of Hydrology and Hydroecology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The work of the conference was continued in two working group sessions: "Water Safety and Water Resources Management" chaired by Yatsyuk M. V., Deputy Director of the IWPaLR) and "Water Supply and Agricultural Land Reclamation" leading by Shevchuk S. A., Head of Department of Water Resources of the IWPaLR), in which 29 presentations were made and discussed.

All presentations made and materials (110 abstracts in total) sent to the Conference "Nature for Water" were published. This publication is available on request to the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of Ukraine. Contact person – Mykhailo Yatsyk +38 (044) 492-75-44.

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Nova Kakhovka

On the eve of the World Water Day (WWD) , the Head of the Nova Kakhovka City Environmental NGO "MAMA-86-Nova Kakhovka" Taisa Kozak talked about problems on protection of the right to safe water of the residents of Nova Kakhovka and the global context of this issue on local on-line media:

The infoactions dedicated to WWD was held at the Secondary School #10 of Nova Kakhovka. These awareness raising actions for schoolchildren were about the water value and importance for the life on Earth, sustainable use of water resources for economy and social well-being:

Local Library for children in honor of the Day of Water invited schoolchildren to visit book exhibitions and find out a lot of interesting facts about Water - the usual and simple substance on the Earth planet:

The World Water Day awareness raising campaign on water resources for pupils primary, secondary and 9th classes of School No. 3 in Nova Kakhovka city was carried out:

On March 22, celebration "Ukrainian people – clean and healing water!" was held at the Odradokamianka Secondary School for pupils of 1-5 classes to the World Water Day:

The WWDay at the Secondary School No. 5 was about water saving for pupils and their parents:


On March 22, the regular meeting of film culture club "Dreamers" was held at the Zaporizhzhia City School No. 19, in which pupils of 7, 8, 10 classes, representatives of the Children and Youth Environmental NGO “Republic of Dream” and teachers took part. This event, dedicated to the World Water Day, included the watching and discussion of French documentary film "TOMORROW", which was organized as part of Film show program of film festival for children and teenagers "Children Film Festival" and organized by the representatives of the school media holding "VM-NF" based on the WWD 2018 infomaterials, prepared by UNENGO “MAMA-86”:


Center of Ecological Culture and Education for Pupils' Youth "Wonderland" to the Kherson Center for children and youth organized creative events to the World Water Day for the pupil of the Komyshanska Kindergarten # 6. Water information was presented, interesting experiments were conducted, a cartoon show was held, as well as entertainments: interesting games, riddles and watercolors.