intro 056A conference called “How to achieve good environmental governance in Ukraine?” was held in Kyiv on November 1–2, 2016. Participating in the conference were representatives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, SIDA, assorted experts, as well as representatives of Ukrainian central and local bodies of government, NGOs and the media. The event was organized by the Ukrainian National Environmental Non-Governmental Organization MAMA-86 together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

The purpose of the conference was, together with officials and civil society representatives, to:

  • set priorities for the new environmental policy of Ukraine;
  • define basic factors of influence and tasks in the process of reforming environmental governance in Ukraine;
  • evaluate the efficiency of environmental policy over the past several years, assess the developments that have been made on the national and local level, and discuss the next steps;
  • identify hidden obstacles to stakeholders’ partnership;
  • identify the main problems in planning environmental policy and mechanisms for improvement of monitoring and assessment of environmental policy according to the EEA.

Within the framework of the conference, on November 1 Ecology Minister Ostap Semerak and Ganna Golubovska-Onisimova, chairperson of the Coordination Board of the Ukrainian National Environmental NGO МАМА-86, held a press briefing.

During briefing, the minister disclosed strategic targets and new trends for implementing the National Environmental Policy in Ukraine and laid out the main tasks on the way towards reforming environmental governance in Ukraine within the context of implementing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Speaking to journalists, Ganna Golubovska-Onisimova, chairperson of the Coordination Board of UNENGO MAMA-86, brought up the issues of public assessment of the implementation of the environmental policy and the role of civil society in environmental reform. Golubovska-Onisimova said that the main task of the conference is to start an intense dialogue between the ministry, environment protection departments of oblast state administrations, NGOs, and other stakeholders on the way towards reforming environmental governance in Ukraine.

The purpose of the dialogue is establishing a partnership of stakeholders for effective protection of nature through the application of modern approaches to environmental governance.

She stressed that European procedures of strategic assessment of environmental policies, plans and programs, and assessment of environmental impact of separate projects are the basis for environmental reforms according to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Dragging out the final adoption of the respective laws puts in doubt Ukraine’s dedication to the priorities of European integration and readiness for civilized development.

During the conference, participants discussed such issues as:

  • Managing the environment and integration of environmental policy in other sectorial policies and public involvement in the decision-making process as part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement;
  • Institutional development of the environment protection system in Ukraine, cooperation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources with local governmental bodies and oblast state administrations;
  • Local action plans on environmental protection and practical implementation of eco-democracy in Ukraine;
  • Informational support of decision-making in the field of environmental protection;
  • Status and trends in implementing the National Environmental Policy.

The conclusions and recommendations of the participants will become the basis for the final document to be published on the website of "MAMA-86" and sent to the relevant authorities.